Unforgettable Experiences

Each group that we travel with is unique. Here we share some of the great memories that we have built together. Thank you Magdalena Moto Trail community! We love to “Magdalenear” with you.



Day 1 Stage 1 (254km) /EDS Petrobras Patios – Tibasosa. We will meet at the Petrobras service station to leave at 6:00am. On this route we will enjoy the best landscapes of Boyacá, passing through unknown and charming routes so we can discover the best of the Boyaca Department. We will visit beautiful towns like Tibaná, Genesano, Pesca Tibasosa to arrive at the historic Hacienda Suescún, where Bolívar spent the night during his liberation route.

Day 2 Stage 2 (335 km) / Tibasosa - Ruitoque. We will head towards Belén and then we will descend to the Chicamocha Canyon, to encounter the villages Capitanejo and San Andrés. We will border the mountain on a sinuous and off-road route that will demand a high level of concentration. We will be able to admire the Chicamocha canyon to the East, and then while arriving at San Andrés, we'll see a selvatic mountain with lots of water. After this, we will descend to Piedecuesta on a road with tight curves to finally arrive at our hotel in Ruitoque, outside of Bucaramanga.

Day 3 Stage 3 (203 km) / Ruitoque – Barichara. We will wake up early to start our way to Lebrija and the Hidro Sogamoso dam. We will take a detour by the Casa el Rubi before arriving at the town San Vicente de Chucuri. We'll take a tertiary road through cocoa farms of the region and admire the plants with their huge red seeds. Afterwards, we'll drive upwards on a beautiful off-road trail  through the river of the Betulia canyon, going through the beautiful town of Galán, until we reach Zapatoca. There we will have lunch and take a short stroll around the town. From there all the way to Barichara we will ride with the sun in front of us. We'll enjoy once again the Chicamocha Canyon on its East side. Santander, its roads, its landscapes and the contrast between desert and tropical mountains, is without a doubt one of Magdalena Moto Trail's favorite Departments.

Day 4 Stage 4 (380 km) / Barichara – Bogota. Right after breakfast we'll ride towards San Gil. From there we'll take a secondary road towards Charalá. Afterwards we will ride via Encino on an off-road trail bordering the mountain until we get to Sogamoso. This segment will challenge us and our bikes to the highest level. The landscape will definitely take our breath away as well: waterfalls, a suspended bridge, giant mountains and a beautiful moor with frailejones and sietecueros plants...From there we will descend to Duitama and through tertiary roads we will visit some of the mot amazing areas of Boyacá. Finally we will comeback through Autopista Norte passing by Villa Pinzón, Sisga, Sesquilé, Guasca, La Calera and Bogotá.

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Cocuy Snowy Mountain

Day 1 Stage 1 (431km) /EDS Petrobras Patios – Socha. We will meet at the Petrobras service station to leave at 6:00 am. On the first day we will experience the back roads of Boyacá. We'll depart from La Calera on the "Perimetral de Oriente" northbound, passing through Guasca, the Tominé Lagoon and arriving at Tunja. We will then be in the Department of Boyacá, where we will border the Tota Lagoon and arrive at Sogamoso. We will then pass through the beautiful town of Mongui and riding through backroads we'll get to Socha.

Day 2 Stage 2 (114 km) / Socha - Cocuy Snowy Mountain. Riding through moors, mountains and winding roads we'll pass through the towns of Socotá, Jericó and Chita, until finally arriving at the town of Cocuy, and we'll stay at the San Ignacio Hotel. This stage is 100% off-road. It's a relatively short stage in case any of the riders would like to visit the national park. Always riding through the mountains, we'll go through Guacamayas, San Mateo and La Uvita. This part of the route will be defined by sinuous trails and spectacular landscapes. It gets even better when we ride through Soatá, Onzaga y San Joaquín. By then we will be in the mountains of Santander, and we'll ride through San Gil, towards the magnificent town of Barichara, where we will rest in the Boutique Hotel Casa Barichara.

Day 3 Stage 3 (230 km) / Cocuy Snowy Mountain – Barichara. We'll wake up early and after making a pretty long ride around the mountain, we'll try to catch a glimpse of the perpetual snows of the Cocuy Snowy Mountain. We will then ride towards Güican passing very clse to the entrance of the Cocuy National Park. Early morning after having breakfast we will head out towards Cabrera, El Palmar between the Suarez river canyon and through the Fonce river we will head up to Berlin, El Socorro and Oiba until we reach Barbosa in the Boyaca region. We will cross the "danger" canyon heading up to Arcabuco and reaching Villa de Leyva. We will have lunch and head out to the desaguadero on the road to Samaca heading out to the Boyaca bridge and take the main road to enter Bogotá trhough Sesquile, Guatavita and La Calera.

Day 4 Stage 4 (380 km) / Barichara – Bogotá. Early in the morning, right after breakfast we'll depart and ride through San Gil, Charalá and Encino in order to enter the moor of the Birds Nest (Páramo del Nido de los Pájaros) until we arrive at Belén, Boyacá. After this we will ride towards Paipa and finally to Bogotá to end our trip.

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Nevado del Ruiz

Day 1 Stage 1 (327 km) / EDS Petrobras Patios – Volcán Nevado del Ruiz. Meet at EDS Petrobras Patios at 5:00 am to start our travel towards the volcano. We will leave through La Calera and Valle de Sopó always looking for opportunities for off-roading. We will then cross Tabio, Subachoque, el Rosal and then reach Facatativá. We will take a detour towards Alban to Cambao and there we will delight our sight with a bit of the beautiful Magdalena river with its spectacular scenery. We will then head over towards the town of Líbano. From there we will head on to Murillo with its beautiful and unique colonial houses with wooden facades and bright colors in perfect sinergy. Here we will start feeling the chill of the snowy mountain and will enter the off road that will take us to the top at more than 4.000 mts above sea level. This last part of the stage is the most challenging because of rocky surfaces that will make every rider put in place their best skills, always with the tranquility of knowing there is no danger in it. As we ascend to the mountain the view is completely wild with the vast basins that the volcano has left behind from lava during the 1985 avalanche. Here the air smells like sulfur and the view is reigned by a forest filled with Andes Frailejones, a unique type of flora. If we are lucky and the volcano is generous with us we will be able to view its year round snowy peaks. It’s a one of a kind experience to see this view and we will be able to feel the power of this wonderful mountain. We will sleep at the snowy mountain in the marvelous hot spring Ruiz hotel.

Day 2 Stage 2 (283 km) / Nevado del Ruiz – Doradal. Early in the morning, after breakfast, we leave the snowy mountain in search of Letras. It will be our second chance to view how majestic the snowy mountain volcano of Ruiz is. We will make our descent through Letras, one of the most beautiful main roads in Colombia. Right after we reach Padua, we detour through Petaquero towards Manzanares to ride through the coffee region. Here mountains are completely covered with coffee plants and wild vegetation. Following we will stop at Victoria, the town that holds in its main square de biggest Sequoia in the world. To spice up today’s stage we will go off road through beautiful cattle farms towards La Miel river and finish very close to Doradal, finishing todays stage at the Claro River reserve where we will enjoy the night accompanied by the river.

Day 3 Stage 3 (277 kms) / Doradal – Bogotá. We will leave after breakfast taking the ruta del sol (the route of the sun) all the way to the town of Caparrapí. From there we will head on to Pacho, Cundinamarca through an alternate road bordering the mountain. We will cross beautiful landscapes, admire our beautiful mountain sites, a canyon and a challenging road that will take the very best of us, spicing up another stage. Our adventure’s closing will cover Zipaquirá and finish at the iconic restaurant Andrés Carne de Res where we will enjoy a magnificent grilled steak to celebrate the end of our journey.

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Llanos Orientales

Day 1 Stage 1 (337 Km.) / Santiamén – Puerto López. Welcome at Vereda El Líbano, Magdalena Moto Trail headquarters at 7:00am. We will start our adventure with a delicious breakfast at the foothill of the magical hill of el chocolatero, we will drive North at the top of the andes east mountain range bordering the Tomine damn and then the Sisga damn. We will detour east through a beautiful canyon heading down to Guateque and the Chivor damn. This last one will be present from different angles until reaching an amazing waterfall. After taking some unique pictures we will go through 15  tunnels crossing a thick mountain, we will keep bordering the Upia river going through San Luis de Gaceno  and the Secreto where we will cross over to the Casanare department. We will go up the last hill of the mountain range, once at the top we start our descent to the "green valley" of the llanos orientales of Colombia. We will enter through Agua Claro heading to Villanueva where we will have lunch at a great grill where we will enjoy a spectacular grilled steak. After a one of a kind lunch we will head out towards Cabuyaru and cross the Meta river on a ferry where luckily we will see the beginning of a beautiful sunset. Once at the other side of the Meta department we will drive for about 40 min. until we reach our hotel Altos de Menegua to relax and share experiences.

Day 2 Stage 2(351 km) / Puerto López – Isa. Right after dawn and after a nice breakfast we will leave the hotel at 8:00 am. towards the Poyata to once again cross the Meta river and head towards Maní in Casanare crossing the llanos savannah and all its Haciendas. We will have a lot of fun with our bikes, measuring up to the terrain and the road. We will keep traveling through the Llanos until we reach the area of Aguazul, at the foot of the Andes east mountain range and very close to the Department of Boyacá. We will then border the beautiful Cusiana river and head up to the Sarna Páramo (mood); it’s a majestic site that will take our breath away. We will keep on going while bordering the Tota lagoon until reaching Isa town. There a nice hot spring will be waiting for us at the Hotel El Batan. A long stage filled with driving challenges that will keep our excitement at its full.

Day 3 Stage 3 (256 kms) / Isa – Bogotá. Heading back to Bogotá, we will ride through picturesque sceneries and visit some of the most beautiful towns in Boyacá, most of the time taking secondary roads to enjoy some off road riding. We will cross through towns like Pesca, Toca, Siachoque, Soraca, Jenesano, and Tibana to find the beautiful Guacheneque Páramo (mood). From there we will head back through Villa Pinzón, Sisga and finishing at Bogotá. We will get back at sunset with our spirits filled with joy.

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Estrecho del Magdalena

Day 1 Arrival and welcome at El Dorado Airport Bogotá / The Orchids Hotel – La Candelaria Historic Center.

Day 2 Stage 1 (230 km) / Welcome at Santiamén La Calera Magdalena Trail – Carmen de Apicalá. We start our adventure with a delicious breakfast by the mountains near Bogotá, then start our travel through the magnificent Sumapaz Páramo (mood) at 3.400 mts. above sea level, natural water factory and sponge. We will descend to 3.000 mts to reach the valleys of the Magdalena river at Carmen de Apicalá.

Day 3 Stage 2 (170 km) / Carmen de Apicalá – Villa Vieja. At dawn, enjoying warm weather, we will leave to chase the waters of the Magdalena River between the towns of Suarez and Purificación and find the unique Tatacoa Desert, the second largest one in Colombia. This road includes lots of fun because of the sandy terrain that allows for an interesting amount of traction on our bikes. We will stay at a colonial house from the late XVIIIth century, where Simon Bolivar stayed during his trips. Our guests are welcome to go out at night and admire the starred desert sky.

Day 4 Stage 3 (210 km) / Villa Vieja – Tierra Adentro. Through one of our country’s most beautiful roads, we will ride by the Betania Damn and border the Magdalena river. We will enter mountain dirt roads to reach Tierra Adentro at night, a magical place filled with mystery from our predecessors. We will enjoy an afternoon of archeology.

Day 5 Stage 4 (180 km) / Tierra Adentro – San Agustín. We will leave a magical place to enter the Colombian Massif, source of the Magdalena river. We will enter the place where the Andes mountain range finishes through winding roads with exceptional views. We will then reach San Agustín with its immense and majestic mountains. A region of newer generations of Colombian coffee producers and exotic fruit, like lulo plantations.

Day 6 Day off / San Agustín. A day off to visit the narrowest section of the Magdalena river, in the afternoon we will visit the archeological park of San Agustín, declared as a World Heritage site with its majestic and ancient monolithic sculptures built thousands of years before Christ.

Day 7 Stage 5 (290 km) / San Agustín – La Cocha Lagoon. We will travel the Andes mountain range south through high mountains, green and charming views, ascending through winding roads. We will reach the high valley where we will discover the La Cocha natural Lagoon, second largest in the country.

Day 8 Stage 6 (285 km) La Cocha Lagoon – Popayán. We will go on a 40 minute hike to the Flora Sanctuary at the Corata Island; our hotel is right in front of it. We will then head up north traveling down the Valle del Cauca mountains, through roads by the foothill, soothed by warm weather, enjoying every minute. Popayán offers great local food, our guests will be delighted by pipián empanadas and a chicken sancocho.

Day 9 Stage 7 (390 km) / Popayán – Hacienda Castilla. A day of flat geography, we will go through valleys between vast sugar cane plantations and very hot weather. We will take a detour through dirt roads crossing Hacienda el Paraiso, the house – now a museum – where Jorge Isaac - a well renown Colombian writer - wrote his famous novel La Maria. From there we will head north entering the magnificent Risaralda prairies, bordering the Cauca river.

Day 10 Stage 8 (190 km) / Hacienda Castilla – Nevado del Ruiz. After zigzagging through narrow coffee region roads we will visit picturesque towns like Finlandia, Salento and Valle del Cocora where Colombia’s iconic tree wax palm grows. After enjoying an exquisite trout with patacón we will start our ascent to the Nevado del Ruiz. Fog will be by our side at this point, but hopefully it will still let us admire the year round snow peaks. We will reach our day’s destination and relax while bathing in hot springs that come directly from the volcano.

Day 11 Stage 9 (240 km) / Nevado del Ruiz – Mesa de Yeguas. We will border the nevado (snowy mountain) as the cold morning progresses and we will travel through volcanic soil where we will witness the great power of the volcano’s scars making us feel in a whole different planet. We will go down the mountain to find again hot weather by the Magdalena riverside at Ambalema. We will cross on wooden boats and then head up the Andes mountain range reaching a magical place filled with nature and unbelievable fauna.

Day 12 Stage 10 (280 km) / Mesa de Yeguas – Andrés Carne de Res – Bogotá. To finish this adventure we will take one of our favorite roads. We will ride the highest border of the mountain where we will be able to observe from lookout spots the road where we came and enter the great Bogota Savanna. Our guests will then enjoy an unforgettable meal at the iconic restaurant Andrés Carne de Res, saying goodbye to our extraordinary adventure.

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Ciénagas del Magdalena

Day 1 Arrival and welcome at El Dorado Airport Bogotá / The Orchids Hotel – La Candelaria neighborhood.

Day 2 Stage 1 (318 km) / Welcome at Santiamén La Calera Magdalena Trail - Anapoima Cundinamarca. We start our great adventure with a delicious breakfast by the mountains near Bogotá. We will ride through the beautiful Bogota savannah, and through mountains we will descent towards the magnificent Magdalena river. Once we start feeling the warmer weather we will arrive to a unique hotel in Colombia, both because fo its exuberant nature and its beautiful geographical location.

Day 3 Stage 2 (289 km) / Anapoima – Nevado del Ruiz Volcano. This is one of the most beautiful and unique stages in our adventure. It will have extreme cold and heat, between the exuberance and the serenity, dangling between euforia and retreat. Shifting from 200 meters above sea level and heading up bordering a beautiful and challenging road on an active volcano up to 4.000 meters above sea level is a privilege very few can experience. Tonight we will sleep by the volcano, protected by the mountain and enjoying a bath at hot springs.

Day 4 Stage 3 (271 km)/ Volcán Nevado del Ruiz – Doradal. Early in the morning and depending on the generosity of the volcano we hope to see its year round snowy peak. From there we will ride through coffee farms and admire mountains filled with majestic coffee plants.  Following we will ride through cattle farms in order to reach a beautiful natural reserve park.

Day 5 Stage 4 (274 km) / Doradal – Sutamarchan. We will leave the natural reserve heading towards Otanche, an emerald region. We will again border the mountain and go through the Quinchas natural park. This is a beautiful off-road, filled with waterfalls, nature and spectacular sights. Wonderful stage.

Day 6 Stage 5 (206 km)Sutamarchan – Barichara. If this stage had a name it should be: beautiful town. We will ride through one of the most significant and dear towns for Colombians. The wonderful colonial town of Villa de Leyva. A stage always protected by the mountains with a little spice at the end.

Day 7 Day off / We suggest to visit the Chicamocha national park. It is a beautiful region, the town is great to walk around or go rafting or hiking.

Day 8 Stage 6 (184 km) /Barichara - Sabana de Torres. We will start the day going through a wild canyon, chasing the Suarez river waters and its mouth at the Sogamoso river. We will enter the last green mountains of the mountain range towards the fertile Magdalena valley.

Day 9 Stage 7 (313 km) / Sabana de Torres – Mompós. Once at the fertile valley we will cross the river on wooden boats and reach the beautiful town of Mompos, the Colombian Venice. A place filled with history, artisans, and declared by the Unesco as World Heritage site. Most of the stage will be bordering the Magdalena river and will be quite challenging. Today's road is through the structure that protects the river from overflowing during rainy season.

Day 10 Stage 8 (247km) / Mompós - Valledupar. We will say goodbye to Mompos and leave behind the Magdalena river to enter the Upar valley. A land of musicians to one of Colombia's most authentic music genre: Vallenato. Through off roads, farms, the east mountain range and the Sierra Nevada we will reach Valledupar.

Day 11 Stage 9 (163 Km) / Valledupar – Riohacha.  Through the cattle savannah of Cesar and the lower Guajira, we will find the foothill or final hills of the east Andes mountain range to head up north between it and the Sierra Nevada, finding the Caribbean Ocean and the harsh terrains of Guajira.

Day 12 Stage 10 (163 Km) / Riohacha – Cabo de la Vela. Through the harsh winds of the Caribbean Ocean and its sandy terrains we will head to the northern point of the southern lands, visiting the Salt Lagoons of Manaure and reaching Cabo de la Vela. We will walk to the dunes of Pilon de Azucar and there we will have the pleasure to see one of the most beautiful sunsets opening up a night of a million stars.

Day 13 Stage 11 (153 km) / Cabo de la Vela – Palomino. Heading south and leaving the desert we will turn west from the Sierra Nevada to reach the virgin beaches of the Tayrona park. It is without a doubt one of the most wonderful spots in the world.

Día 14 Stage 12 (330 km) / Palomino – Cartagena. We will go up through one of the sides of the Sierra Nevada and descent to the Magdalena river crossing towns like Aracataca, birth place of the Nobel Prize Gabriel García Márquez, founder of the “realismo mágico- magical realism”, and finishing our adventure at the walled city of Cartagena de Indias.

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